The state of perfect physical and mental well-being, defined by the World Health Organization as health, is a natural state of man. Medical programs used at the International Heart Clinic “Dr Hadzi-Tanovic” start from the fact that good health ought to be preserved and that regular medical check-ups are the most important part of it. Viseslav Hadzi-Tanovic MD, the owner and manager of the first private clinic in Yugoslavia, has specialized cardiology at the Texas Heart Institute,USA; in Paris and Stockholm



  • The key position in the work of this renowned clinic is given  to anti-stress and anti-stroke programs, intended primarily  for the people overworking themselves-a group directly exposed to stress, and therefore most frequently affected by heart-related problems. Regarding the fact that its clients have a very busy daily schedule, the International Heart Clinic          
    “Dr Hadzi-Tanovic” has obliged to send them notes reminding them of pending periodic check-ups with the possibility to make an appointment at the time most convenient for them. A complete check-up wich includes ultrasound examination of the heart, liver and kidneys, laboratory analysis of blood sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides, and heart enzyme, and treadmile test, lasts for only one and a half hours. Patients are given a special “heart card”, containing telephone numbers linked to computer network through which a doctor who receives such patients in emergency and other cases, can obtain information on the patient`s health. For the purpose of control and prevention of heart disease, whithin the anti-stress program managers and businessmen may also participate in short recreational, recovery treatments on Kopaonik mountain, called “Kop Sante”, with the full medical attention provided by the specialists from tne Clinic. 
  • The International Heart Clinic “Dr Hadzi-Tanovic” also has a special program for women including endocrinological and gynecological examinations and treatment. Menopause is specially treated at the Clinic for in the period of post-menopause estrogen hormon deficiency increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. At the Clinic, there is also a counselling service, whose team of experts in cardiology, physical therapy, and psychology help children and young people choose the best and most adequate sport and recreational activity to participate in. The Clinic offers the following services: complete check-ups for businessmen, examinations in cardiology, pulmology, counselling service for women, endocrinological, neurological and ultrasound examinations, complete laboratory analyses, and home treatment and care. There is a daily hospital for cardiac disease patients. In addition, the Clinic also carries out full treatment preceding an operation and monitors patient after a heart surgery.